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The standardization of economic activity does not only encompass general guidelines regarding how a company or business is structured, but also includes strong participation of the State in the cyclical follow-up of some sectors, such as energy, telecommunications and maritime – through inspection, control and dispatch of the regulatory norms.

Given the importance of company activity according to the guidelines established by the State and regulatory agencies, it is essential to count on the assistance of professionals who are sensitive to how these organs operate, whether in theoretical or practical terms. This way, we aim to protect our clients’ interests in Regulatory Law in the following areas:

  • Representing our clients’ interests before the governmental organs and regulatory agencies, whether in contentious proceedings or in consults and public hearings;
  • Representing our clients’ interests before the court and arbitral tribunals in litigations stemmed from regulatory issues;
  • Elaboration of legal advice, legal opinions and technical notes.