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Company activity demands, first and foremost, having consistent legal coverage that assures safety and predictability under the economic power. The demeanor of the business agents must be aligned to specific assistance and must be attentive to the particularities of the adopted business model, to the commercial strategies and to the current institutional-economical context.

Aiming to provide our clients with legal assistance while being aligned to the regulations in defending free competition, as well as to the theoretical and practical discussions regarding the Antitrust Law – whose debate we’ve been actively tacking part in, both in practical action as in constant academic production – we partake in the following areas:

  • Participation in the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE)
    • Elaboration of legal defense and representation in investigation cases of anti-competitive conduct;
    • Notification of articles of incorporation;
    • Querying presentations;
    • Negotiation of leniency agreements and settlements;
    • Legal representation of third parties interested in articles of incorporation, such as mergers and acquisitions.
  • Participation in court with themes related with Competition Law
    • Elaboration of strategies and presentation of legal demands stemming from CADE’s actions;
    • Legal representation of companies for damage remediation due to anticompetitive conduct.
  • Elaboration of legal advice, legal opinions and technical notes;
  • Elaboration and analysis of competitive risks and competitive scenarios in order to offer legal advice on business strategies.