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It is not enough for the organization of the economic activity to structure complex, sophisticated contractual and corporate instruments. It is essential to have the adherence of a culture that respects the norms of the Brazilian Law – a culture that must be embedded in the routines and procedures of the day-to-day of the company. In this sense, structuring compliance or integrity programs goes beyond being a mere cosmetic demand – it is often required or recommended by the law itself, such as the Anti-corruption Law – thus composing the obligations expected by entrepreneurial companies and their managers.

Compliance programs, by nature, require a broad and multidisciplinary approach, capable of comprehending the internal procedures and the functional relations established at the core of business entities, with the objective of generating an efficacious diagnosis and suggestions for structural changes, if necessary.

Including these perspectives in our outlook, we offer compliance services in the following areas:

  • Structuring anti-corruption, competition and data protection compliance programs by encompassing the elaboration of codes of ethics, the review of internal procedures, among other actions for restructuring the company’s posture before mandatory regulation;
  • Conducting trainings which focus on spreading a culture of respect towards legal norms and on establishing compliance routines and procedures;
  • Acting in the legal and administrative areas in investigation cases related with the execution of the Anti-corruption Law, the Administrative Improbity Law and other correlated norms;
  • Elaboration of legal advice, legal opinions and technical notes.